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The best security screens in Phoenix

Sleep well knowing you have the best security screens in Phoenix from Diamondback.

Secure your home or business in Phoenix with security screens

You know that security is important, but you also want your home to look good.

The best looking security screens are not always the strongest ones. Crimsafe products have been tested and certified by SGS, one of the largest testing companies in the world. Diamondback Security Solutions offers a full line of these high quality security screens in Phoenix for every need including doors, windows, patios and more.


Diamondback Security Screens offer both style and strength.

You can rest easy knowing your family is safe from intruders while enjoying a great view from inside or out. Our products come with an industry leading 10 year warranty. We offer free estimates on all installations so call today to learn more about our outstanding security screens in Phoenix.


Security, safety, and so much more

Investing in Diamondback security screens means you’re not just investing into the best hardware available, but also adding a host of other benefits.

Fresh air & breezes

Live the good life with a fresh, cool breeze flowing through your home without compromising on security.

Insect protection

Keep your family and home safe from unwanted visitors such as flies, mosquitoes and especially burglars.

Unhindered views

No need for bars and grilles. With Diamondback, you get the unrestricted views of open space without any obstruction in sight.

Energy efficiency

Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff® mesh blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain and 62% UV rays, making your home more energy-efficient. With Crimsafe you can easily enjoy a comfortable day all year round!

WILDfire protection

Crimsafe provides the highest level of protection from ember attack, radiant heat and burning debris damage to glass.

Storm protection

Crimsafe provides extra protection during a storm and is the perfect solution for those who want to be safe from hailstones, wind-borne debris, as well other environmental dangers.

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Burglary is a major problem in the United States and most people don’t have adequate protection.

Even though most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, you can reduce your chances of being targeted by installing security screens on windows and doors. Security screens will not only protect your home but our security screens will also give it an added touch of style that makes them easy to sell if you ever decide to move.

Diamondback Security Screens offer the best protection available for windows and doors today. We have been manufacturing quality products since 2009 and our track record speaks for itself with over 500 installations per year in Arizona alone. Our company has been featured on ABC15 Arizona as well as Fox 10 News because we stand behind every product we make with a 10-year warranty against breakage or rusting out from normal use (this does not include damage caused by storms). If you’re looking for top notch security screens in Phoenix, look no further than Diamondback

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