Our Security Screens

Diamondback Security Solutions is one of the largest authorized Crimsafe dealers in Arizona. We offer the full line of Crimsafe security products. All items are manufactured locally so we can ensure the quality of each and every product. There’s nothing stronger or better looking on the market today when it comes to security screens for your home. When you choose Diamondback Security Solutions you can rest assured that your family will be protected.


Our security screens can be installed in almost any entryway.

We can fit Crimsafe screens to single-hinged, french, sliding, stacking, and even bi-fold doors based on your individual needs. Window options are just as varied with security screens installable on sliding, double-hung, picture, and arched windows. All our products come in a variety of colors to match your home’s aesthetics. They will add extra beauty while dramatically increasing your family’s safety. Every screen is installed using stainless steel screws and a patented clamp system made from airplane-grade aluminum. There is almost no way to kick, beat, or cut these screens out of a door or window frame. While there’s virtually no way for an intruder to enter through a Crimsafe protected window, the Safe-S-Scape technology is an addition that can provide an easy exit in case of an emergency.


Crimsafe mesh is sandwiched between two serrated pieces of aluminum that clamp the mesh tightly in place. These pieces are screwed together with stainless steel, tamper-resistant screws and the different components are separated by a Santoprene (rubber) bead to eliminate electrolysis that could lead to corrosion.

This combination mechanically connects the mesh to the frame. As a result, it creates a barrier that can’t be kicked in. This is Crimsafe’s patented screw-clamp technology. Only Crimsafe features screws that are driven through the clamp, mesh, and right into the frame. This provides incredible strength and ensures the highest quality security screen.



The impact test shown in the video to the left puts Crimsafe screens to the test. They rigged up a screen above an exorbitantly expensive supercar and dropped a gigantic metal weight from the ceiling. How can anything go wrong? Watch and find out. Whereas a competitor’s screen buckled and ripped out of its frame when hit with a smaller metal weight, one delivering approximately 100 joules of force, the Crimsafe Ultimate screen had no issue being hit with 7 times that amount of force. Instead of coming out of the doorframe or tearing even slightly, the Crimsafe security screen held up, bouncing the huge metal weight right off of it.

Every product in the Crimsafe line, whether a regular Crimsafe security screen or the even stronger Ultimate version, passes a similar test. This is because of the incredible screw-clamp technology developed by the innovative engineers at Crimsafe. At impact, the hooking feature of the screw-clamp levers into the aluminum frame and creates what’s called a “single frame member.” The load is then spread around the perimeter of the product, rather than allowing the force to be concentrated at the point of impact, which would result in breaking or ripping out the screen. This mechanical fastening of the clamp and mesh results in an increased strength so that the mesh resists being pulled out of the frame. These features allow Crimsafe security screens to withstand enormous force.