Security Screen doors. Affordable and great curb appeal.

Our security doors are made by Crimsafe and are constructed entirely in the USA.

But consider this. For curb appeal, the use of steel security doors on exterior doors looks bad. And you don’t want your home to actually look like a prison. Let Diamondback provide you with versatile security screen doors that are not only safest in class, but they look great!

Security screen doors from Diamondback are versatile. additionally, fitment comes in a variety of different doors shapes and styles.


cost-effective SECURITY screen doors.

Securing your home should always begin with your doors. And Diamondback Security has you covered on this front. Additionally, the security screens we use are custom-made to fit your home’s entrance. And this ensures a perfect fit even if your door isn’t a traditional rectangular shape. Our security screen doors come in a variety of frame colors. But no matter your home aesthetic, we will have a color to complement it. 

Whether you live in a house, townhouse, or apartment, our security screen doors look great! Keep your home secure whilst providing a whole range of other lifestyle benefits. On top of that, our security screen doors exceeded industry standards and far outperformed the competition. Effective Home Security has never looked so good!

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Benefits of Security Screen Doors

The benefits of having a Diamondback security screen doors installed in your home are endless. Here are just a few of the perks our satisfied customers enjoy:

  • Deters burglary and home invasion
  • Provides fresh air
  • Cuts down on air conditioning costs
  • Keeps pests out
  • Protection from wild animals
  • Helps block rain and hail
  • Stops airborne debris
  • Cuts down on dust, dirt, and pollen
  • Beautiful curb appeal
  • Will not rust or corrode


Sliding doors are a lovely addition to any home, but they can be a serious security weak point as well.
Sliding glass doors are much easier for burglars to break into. But any experienced thief will always attempt to break through a sliding door. But that’s before even looking at a regular entrance. These doors often have weak, simple latching mechanisms. And these can open with minimal effort, unlike the lock-and-key method of a latch door. But with some exertion on the burglar’s part, a sliding glass door can also be pushed off its tracks. Or to gain very easy access a burglar will break the glass. But even sliding screen doors can be a weak point for your security.
Diamondback Security offers sliding glass doors that will eliminate any worries that come with having a traditional sliding door.
Made with the same heavy-duty materials as our other security doors. Diamondback Security’s sliding glass doors also have polycarbonate wheels. This prevents rust or jamming over time. The doors can fit both panels of a sliding door opening or one to provide a single sliding option. Our system uses a single-action triple deadbolt system. This is even available for sliding glass. And this allows a system that can fit on any door in the home.
Keep your sliding glass doors but rid yourself of the worry with Diamondback Security’s sliding glass doors.



Our hinged screen doors secure the main entry points of your home, keeping your family safe inside and keeping unwanted visitors out.

Our screens allow light and air to flow naturally through your home, while still giving you comfort that you have a strong barrier between you and any potential burglars.



Our single, double or triple sliding security screens can secure even the widest openings.

Our screens exceptional strength makes bars and grilles unnecessary while increasing airflow, protecting your views, keeping bugs out, and creating a sense of open space in your home.



Diamondback Security’s stacking security screen doors allow you to open your room to create a large open living space, free of bugs but full of light.

Each security screen panel glides behind and interlocks with the next one, finally sliding behind a fixed panel for maximum security and a stylish, streamlined look. They can be stacked neatly and effortlessly to either the left or right for maximum convenience.



Our bi-fold security screen doors provide a multi-panel hinged door that can secure extremely wide openings.

Our bi-fold doors can open an entire wall of your home and can be hinged so they fold to the inside or outside. Therefore they can be installed as existing glazed bi-fold doors, or as a stand-alone security screen solution.



French doors can be an easy access point for criminals. And Diamondback Security’s double French door security screens have been designed to secure your doors without detracting from their visual appeal, and still allow light to flood in.

Our French doors have locking mechanisms at top and bottom for exceptional strength and can open inward or outward for maximum convenience.



At Diamondback Security, our products come in a wide range of colors, with custom colors available by request.

They are also available in woodgrain and anodized finishes so whatever your design preference, we have the products to enhance your home’s decor.

*Colors are an indication only, as they may appear slightly different on paper or on the screen to the actual powder coated colors.



Install screen doors that make use of Crimsafe’s superior security technology. And these doors not only look great, but they will also help keep you and your family safe.
Call us today for a free estimate and in-home consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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