What Is A Security Screen?

Keeping your home secure is important, and there are many options to help you accomplish this goal. Doors and windows are particularly vulnerable to intruders, so it’s essential to make sure these are secure in order to help protect your home. A security screen is one way to do this, and it has additional benefits beyond security as well.

More information about security screens for windows and doors:

Defining a Security Screen

To start, what exactly is a security screen? This is a high-quality steel mesh that secures an opening in the house. You can typically open both window and door screens from the inside, but they are secure from the outside to prevent intruders from gaining access.

What Makes a Security Screen Different?

A typical window or door screen can help keep pests outside, but it doesn’t do much in terms of security. It’s relatively easy for an intruder to get through a traditional screen door or window. Security screens are different because they use a stronger material. High-quality screens stand up to jimmying, knife-shearing, and kicking.

Benefits of Security Screens

There are many reasons to install security screens. Many of these benefits depend on the quality of screens you choose, so it’s important to pick the best. Our CrimSafe screens are engineered to provide you with all the benefits below and are made from the toughest materials.

Some of these include:

Protect Against Intruders

Windows and doors can potentially be vulnerable to break-ins. A security screen minimizes this risk and helps keep your home safe. For screens to be effective, every component, including the mesh itself and any connectors, must be strong. This is the case for our CrimSafe screens, which have been rigorously tested.

Keep Pests Out

In addition to protecting against intruders, security screens can help keep pests out of your home. You can leave your window or door open and get fresh air inside, while still ensuring bugs stay outdoors.

Withstand Harsh Weather

Security screens stand up to severe storms and help prevent damage from wind-borne debris or hail. They stay secure even in the harshest weather,

Improve Energy Efficiency

This depends on the type of security screen you choose. Our high-quality mesh blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain and 62% of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Paired with energy-efficient windows and doors, this can help reduce your energy costs and keep your home more comfortable all year.

High-Quality Security Screens

At Diamondback Security Solutions, we offer the best security screens available. These CrimSafe screens are highly durable, energy-efficient, and look great. The mesh is designed to keep your home safe and secure without blocking your view of the outdoors or impeding the flow of fresh air. In addition to offering screens for windows and doors, we can also create a screened-in patio.

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