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Keep yourself, your family, and your home safe with our line of home security products. 

Crimsafe screens are durable and protect your home from intruders and from the elements, all while looking great. Some home security products make your home look intimidating to neighbors and guests. Crimsafe security screens look like any other screen door or window screen and you can even customize the look of these products to fit your home.


Diamondback Security Solutions offers the full line of Crimsafe security screens. We offer professional installation and each product is custom-made in Tucson. This helps ensure every screen fits perfectly. Additionally, not only does this help secure your home, we also offer Crimsafe screens for your business. Get the peace of mind that you deserve with these outstanding products.


Your doors are the main entrance to your home. As a result, you need to make sure that they are secure. Diamondback Security Solutions can replace your existing doors with Crimsafe security doors. Each is built to fit your home’s entrances and the screen itself is made to the highest quality standards.

These screens are bug-proof, weather-proof, pet-proof, and intruder-proof. Better yet, our security doors look like any other screen door. You don’t have to scare away visitors to protect yourself and your home. Our home security solutions are gorgeous and functional.


Windows are a common point of entry for home intruders because glass is easy to break. If your windows are not protected, they can be vulnerable to forced entry. Diamondback Security Solutions offers Crimsafe window screens for your home security needs. These screens are built to the highest standards and are custom-made for your home.

Our window screens can’t be kicked in or pulled out of place. This makes it more difficult, if not impossible, for burglars to enter your home. We understand that your home’s appearance is also important to you and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice this for the sake of safety. Crimsafe’s screen windows let in natural light and look like standard window screens, so your home will look just as open and inviting as it did prior to installation.


Diamondback Security Solutions can go beyond standard home security solutions to create something truly special for your home. Turn your outdoor patio area into a fully-protected space by installing patio screens. This creates an enclosed area where you can relax with your friends and family.

Besides the security benefits, Crimsafe screens protect you from the elements. They are bug-proof, so you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes or other bugs ruining your evening. They also reduce the temperature of your patio space, meaning you can lounge more comfortably.


Crimsafe screens can protect more than your home. If you own a business, installing security screens can help you keep your company safe from break-ins. Our screens are custom-made, so we will work with you to match the exact needs of your business, from window screens to security doors.

In addition to traditional businesses, Diamondback Security Solutions can also help secure and protect schools and other public buildings. Our screens are durable and can help keep any location safe.

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